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AyurDoulas sometimes can benefit from astrology in our practice. The current planetary influences can more easily create vitiations on the nervous system tissues, mind carrying channels, excess heat in body, mind and temper. Plan to be extra cautious with the mental/emotional health of clients and take precautions in diet and herbal formulation for balance. And there are blessings and gifts to help, as always.

The primary interactions between the cosmic bodies and human bodies is fascinating and we can take guidance for ourselves and clients. Here I’ll share my musings in light of experienced astrologers, how their readings may shed tips.

I’ll talk a little about challenges we can perhaps preventively observe and balance for this week, and the best things to lean on for good experience are translated from David Hawthorne’s weekly newsletter, Astroview, and based on transits and rising signs.

Sun transits out of Pisces and into Aries, April 13 and is weak in the gap until April 18. Mars is moving similarly, April 12, both are separating from Venus, which should be helpful for many. Yet these hot masculine planets have not been happy in the water, and together can create a lot of heat, smoulder, smoke and steam. Extra protection for mamas and babies from tissue depletions and rajasic and tamasic mood which are extra dangerous has been probably needed for the last month, and continues as Sun and Mars travel close together until April 29. Take extra care and patience, especially April 12 – 22, and for 6 of the 12 rising signs while both planets are within one degree of each other.

Have you noticed? We can’t lean as well on Mercury’s intellect and discernment while it transits its debilitation sign, Pisces these next 2 weeks. Mercury is outside the orb of influence of other planets for the moment but is weak in its debilitation sign. Be careful with business and communications. Observe for pollution and respiratory problems with this transit – it is kapha season in the northern hemisphere in addition to influences here, with pollens and need, often, for less of the richer, sweeter postpartum foods. Don’t take away, just use more stewed fruits, rasa dhatu enriching well cooked sweet/spiced cereals or puddings without dairy, and soups. Kapha climates especially (damp!) need less oily and rich sweet heavy building foods.

Saturn is most positive for everyone except Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces rising signs and the details may take form of spiritual austerity, issues around sexuality, health and related house transits – please take your jyotishi’s advice. Currently in the 14 to 15-degree range until April 29, there may be some need for others to take care. WHat is #1 for mothers? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say, Saturn is planet of REST! Meaning, take extra if these issues are not strong, consider leaning into dinacharya (daily routines advised by Ayurved) for the postopartum time, and open the parent’s handbook to the “Getting it all In” page for her and family to refer to. It helped me a lot – mind was so mushy after Corey’s birth.

Strengths and gifts this week

Expect some blessings alternating with confusion from mother, mind and emotions: Moon is waxing. In Taurus, is benifically exalted, April 13 – 14 and also tends to shine in Cancer. She transits Mercury ruled Gemini, into Cancer Wednesday, then solar ruled Leo, and and Mercury ruled Earthy Virgo next week. She is cool, moves pretty quickly through the zodiac and can get too heavy or too busy in the nervous system. With mercury’s issues, some extra neurotransmitter help from milk tonic, almond, carbs, hormone supportive shatavari and wild yam or vidari to stay in harmony with Venus, and serontonin enhancing herbs (ask to consult with an advanced Ayurvedic practitioner who can properly formulate) may be valuable.

Jupiter, ruling children, education, religion, law, fats, thighs, wealth, husband and guru, transits strong, stable and earthy Taurus. Jupiter’s strength here is outside the influence of other planets. The grace within these things may best support and stabilize from for any other less-than-ideal transits taking place. Yes, remember ENOUGH oleation, and support the body’s ability to metabolize fats.

The Panchakola ghee or simply enough ginger, pepper and other seasonings will be important, balancing for those with hot stomach/heartburn perhaps with a mix of avipatikar, guduchi and perhaps haritaki in honey paste, 1 hour after meals (2nd stage digestion). Early postpartum you will still see they need more than middle of the road cumin/fennel/coriander spicing to support digestion.

Venus, ruling female reproductive system, our feminine side, the wife, the arts, and at highest level being spiritual preceptor of the demons, is worth watching. She begins to move through Aries but away from burning influences of sun and mars. Moms should feel their femininity better, respond better to the beautifying health and sweet life building gifts of nourishment per Ayurved, for most of the rising signs. Aries is still ruled by Mars – so a little lean into using the will for self-effort, self care, and minimizing most rajasic and tamasic influences according to principles we know for moms-baby needs will ride this influence best.

Saturn, ruling the slow, steady, structures and wisdom of the elders, spiritual practice, and is slowly transiting its exaltation sign, Libra and is retrograde. It can be a very dry, cold and rigid or generally gives more vitally supportive structures and lessons, ruled by venus, In Libra, (until Nov. 2014).
The extremes of the moon’s travel in skies are called Rahu and Ketu. These transit Libra and Aries, respectively, very slowly, and are now stationary until June 23. This is not ideal for anyone with any planet in “odd” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius) in the 22-degree range, or for anyone with any rising sign in the 22-degree range.

Whenever Rahu and Ketu are close to your rising sign degree, or close to the degree of any planet in your natal chart, by aspect or conjunction, they will influence the significations of those planets and/or houses with vitiations to the doshas, particularly pitta and vata. Observe your clients and self accordingly for balance. They are both more rascally in mind disturbing, acting somewhat like Mars and SAturn and if you see the feminine or mother in them, it tends to muddy rajas and tamas. Sometims planetary remedial measures (charities, donations, helping others, gemstones, kavaches, and Graha Shanti services) with indicated karmas will be more effective.

Join Renay Oshop for our two evening class in May on Using Vedic Astrology in Perinatal Practice to learn simple helpful tips for your clients and when you might need to refer up. Join Renay, Lexie, or David Hawthorne for a personal consultation to learn your own rising sign, strengths and weaknesses. This reading is a commentary from perinatal perspective on David’s valuable weekly Astroview newsletter, about $25 a year.

note: Based on true siderial time, “jyotish” astrology is more accurate to procession of equinoxes and may sound different from western transits. Similarly, rising sign is considered more important than sun sign and your rising sign in jyotish may be different. For more info, contact David Hawthorne or Renay Oshop.

Mother Nature has rhythms which affect us not only in the way the elements, doshas (metabolic principles), dhatus (tissues), gunas (20 properties of nature and 3 qualities of the mind), our malas (waste products) and other internal things function. The moon is well known to influence mind, emotions, and even how plants grow. All these things have their place and time, and sometimes are more important than others in their influence. If mama is not responding well, you may want to look to the stars sometimes, and breathe deeply of their inspiring lights.


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